Our Lennon Rose turned 6 months old a couple of weeks ago and because our studio wasn’t yet ready, I took her 6 month shoot to our new bedroom. She is all about the toes right now and can’t stop inspecting her newfound toys. She can sit up on her own and she sticks her tongue out to the side when she’s really concentrating. I find that so funny because it’s a habit I have had all my life and something my husband makes fun of me for endlessly because I never know when I’m doing it until it’s pointed out haha! I find it so interesting how babies get out little quirks from such an early age. A good reminder that they are always watching us…

6 Month Old

6 Month Old

6 Month Old

6 Month Old

6 Months Old

6 Months Old

6 Months Old

6 Months Old

6 Month Old

6 Month Old

I am so sad at the state of our government vs. teachers situation. I stand behind the wonderful teachers of our province and I hope they can reach an agreement in time for back to school September 2nd. Both for my own sanity and theirs. I have set up some back to school mini sessions as I did last year. I make chalk boards that say what the children want to be when they grow up and what grade they are going into so that we can watch how it changes from year to year. I do them for my own little girl since she started Kindergarten last year and plan to do it every year so here are the dates and details. If anyone would like a spot please email or call soon to avoid disappointment. If school doesn’t start as planned I might be able to add one more weekday mini session date in there too if there is enough interest. Please email me at info@ashleighwellsphotography.com or call 778-228-7387 to book your time slot.

BTS 2014

BTS 2014 Back

I have been doing some of the cover photography for Black Cat White Dog News for a while and they needed a cover photo of a cat on a hot day. Luckily I had a friend who was happy to volunteer her cats as models and they were up for the job! Cats can always be a bit tricky to photograph but I find it best to catch them in their home or around it if they go outdoors where they are most comfortable. I had such a great time on a beautiful evening capturing these little fur babies with an old friend. Thank you for lending me your kitties!





I had a colleague ask if I could mentor her on newborn sessions and so we put out a model call and got the PERFECT little newborn to come and see us for our session. What an adorable little girl she is and so pretty in pink! I had just ordered some new pink props and was so excited to use them! She was the sweetest little thing and did the BEST job as a model for us that day it was hard to show my mentoree what I do when facing a more challenging baby! Thank you so much for coming in guys!





It’s been a while since I have updated the blog because I have been so busy trying to keep up with our own little baby girl and getting sessions rolling out to people. I am going to be working on posting more recent sessions here to keep you all up to date and up first is this little cutie pie who was the last newborn to visit me in our old studio before our move. I must have been in moving mode because I even had to put the baby in a box haha! We are now in Port Moody and construction just finished on the home studio a couple of weeks ago. Sessions are back on and in full swing now!






It has been WAY too long since I wrote a blog post, but I have good excuses, I promise! I mostly keep people up to date with our newsletter and Facebook page, so if you’re on one of those you probably are aware of all the new excitement. Just in case you’re not here are just a few of the big and exciting things that have been going on with us!
First off, if you have been here before you may notice we have a new website! We are still working on adding more photos to our galleries and setting up a client cart system but it’s almost complete. We have also introduced NEW, extremely simplified pricing and will be setting up a product guide to help you find ideas for what you would like to do with the images from your sessions with us! We have several new products to offer so we will be sure to let you know once our product guide is live!
Last year I had a very long and difficult pregnancy. I was very sick for the first 20 weeks and off and on modified bed rest to help with that as well as some cramping issues. I was able to manage my sessions and editing and that was about it. A month before I was due there was some concerning issues with contractions and preterm labour that then (luckily) came to a halt. I ended up carrying 15 days OVERDUE and having to be induced! On February 5th, 2014 Miss Lennon Rose Wells joined our family. When her heart rate dropped and we nearly had an emergency C-Section it gave all of us quite a scare, but then miraculously when we got to the OR we were okay to deliver naturally AND I was already frozen for a C-Section so the best part was I felt nothing haha! It’s a good thing too because she was a big’un at 9lb 12 oz.! We were so VERY fortunate to have my good friend and colleague Jill (of Jillian Kirby Baby) there to capture some INCREDIBLE images of Lennon’s birth day!

CLICK HERE to watch her slideshow (nothing gory here I promise haha!)

We had our newborn session for Lennon with Jill too and we were just THRILLED with the way our images came out! Since Lennon was born, my days have been filled with nursing, cuddling, gazing and cooing at our little bundle of joy who since the moment she was born was nothing I expected and yet somehow…EVERYTHING I needed. In the midst of all that I have been back to work taking sessions on the weekend when Bryan can be home to watch the girls for me AND…WE ARE MOVING!!! We are moving to our absolute DREAM home in Port Moody June 15! We still have 2 sessions left for June if anyone wants them and after that we are booking mid-late July and those spots are filling up fast now!

Birth announcement with family photos for Ashleigh Wells Photography

Birth announcement with family photos for Ashleigh Wells Photography

I take monthly photos of Lennon on the 5th of each month so here I will leave you with her most recent one from May 5th. I can’t believe it’s almost time for her 4 month photo session already!

3 month old baby nude photo session on beige fur and beige backdrop

Our children (furbabies and human ones alike) are woodsy adventurers at heart.  They all love nothing more than a good, long hike in the trails of our area in Anmore and the surrounding Tri-Cities area.  We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city where we can enjoy such beautiful scenery all year long!

We had a great day the other day when we took them to a couple of nearby trails and meadows to capture some images of them all.  Our biggest girl, Roxie (the mostly white dog) is getting on in age so we wanted to make sure we didn’t let another day pass without capturing her in her element.

When we’re not home wandering the trails and having adventures in our imagination we like to have them in real life as often as we can.  I just heard of this concept which is really interesting at Dog Vacay where you can find a place for your pups to stay while you are away on vacation.  We have a whole menagerie so we have to have someone stay at our home, but if you just have a dog or two this may be the perfect option for you!  CLICK HERE to find options for the Tri Cities area!










Had to get one of Penny Lane in her Mammoth Halloween costume too haha!




Our Holiday Mini Sessions are back!  These sessions are perfect for getting a head start on those Holiday Cards so you have one less thing to think about before the holidays!  They are great for getting some images to use as gifts for family and friends as well.



Payment of Mini Session fee is due up front and in full within 5 business days to reserve your date and time slot. Payment is non-refundable but sessions may be rescheduled on account of sickness at the photographer’s discretion.

This special may not be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

Holy smokes am I EVER behind on blogging.  I use my business account to keep everyone up to date these days most of the time, but when I can I like to try to get caught up over here as well. This post has been a LONG time coming, but I try to make sure I blog every session I do unless I don’t have a model release.

I have been part of the Lower Mainland Branch committee for the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) for a couple of years now. Most recently, this year I have taken over role as chair of the committee. Last year I really wanted to organize a “big name” speaker to come and talk to our local members and give us something to get excited about! Since I had just done Scott Robert Lim’s Bahamas tour, seen him at WPPI and done Image Explorations with him on Vancouver Island the year prior I knew that he was just the guy for the job! I asked if he would be interested and he jumped right in. He stayed with us so I had a blast hanging out with one of my favourite mentors and the master of the use of off camera flash. Here are a few shots we took at Granville Island of our models during the demonstration part of his class that day.

Huge thank you to Scott for coming all the way up here and sharing so much knowledge with our members! I hope we can do it again sometime soon!







My Facebook fan page just reached over 1000 fans!  Thank you all so much for your support!  My summer schedule is now starting to fill up for the weekends especially.  I’d like to get my summer schedule set and booked so I am offering these special value Sunny Days Sessions all Wednesdays and Thursdays from May-September.  You can choose from 3 different locations for your session: Buntzen Lake or Burnaby Mountain if you want one of our 3:30pm, 4:15pm or 5pm time slots or in studio for all other times.  These sessions are open to babies 6 months and older or pets and include:

-45 minute session

-10 digital files on USB

-(2) 8X10 prints

Sunny Days2

*These sessions are open to children 6 months and older, pets and families with no clothing changes due to time constraints.  Because sessions are shorter, if families arrive late, the minimum of 10 images cannot be guaranteed as there may be another session after yours.  Limited availability.  Only open for Wednesday and Thursday sessions.  Other days are subject to our regular rates.  Cannot be combined with any other sales, discounts or offers.  Sessions may be rescheduled due to weather at the photographer’s discretion.  Session date and time will be secured with your payment and signed online contract.

To book your Sunny Days Session, please email us at info@ashleighwellsphotography with 3 preferred dates and times in order of preference and we will do our best to accommodate.  Please also list your top location choices so we can match you up with the best date and time according to what type of session you would like.

Please note: the outdoor options are only available at 3:30pm, 4:15pm and 5pm due to lighting limitations.  There may be some additional Buntzen Lake outdoor morning sessions if there is enough interest though so let us know what you prefer!

Sunny Days

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