This little lady was here with family visiting from Texas for my brother’s wedding a few months ago.  I met this baby and simply could not resist a chance to get her into my studio, she is just SO gorgeous!  We had such an awesome time afterwards too with an impromptu family gathering at our house with way more Indian food than we could eat from Aroma (our favourite place!) and lots of laughs.  Thank you guys for making time for a session while you were here!  Can’t wait to see you all again one day when I’m in TX!  Lots of love xo

3 Month Old Photography

3 month old baby photography3 month old baby photography3 month old baby photography


LIMITED EDITION! This chair is leaving the studio as soon as I’m done with a short project so once these sessions sell out they’ll be gone!

A fun session for your kids ages 3 to let’s say…99 haha! Includes a 20 minute makeup application, 15 minute photoshoot, your own rollers go home with you AND 4 digital files sent via dropbox. There is also the option to add on other products I have created for these sessions specifically!

We have some dresses available for girls sizes 3-8 years old.  Please let us know if you will need to use these or will be bringing your own.  We have some colourful high heels as well but you are also welcome to bring some you may have at home.  Any props you bring or would like to use we will do our best to accommodate.

Email to book your session today!  We only have a couple of spots left!

*makeup application only available for children 3-13 and includes mascara, lip colour, blush and eye shadow.

*photos are with this set up only with various poses.

Retro Photography Salon Chair


I’ve been trying new products and services here and over on my Sit Stay Studio site and page.  I’m only sharing things I actually like and find useful and this month was my first month with subscription boxes.  I ordered a FabFitFun box and a BarkBox.  You can read our BarkBox Review HERE.

For the FabFitFun box, I was wanting one of the round beach blankets but it was actually cheaper for me to get the whole box so I decided to try it out.  I’m not usually very much of a beauty and skincare product person, but I was pleasantly surprised with the face masks they sent, the lipstick I would never have picked but that suits me well actually and the microdermabrasion face wash too!  It was at least worth the money I paid and much more and the things I don’t think I’ll use I will put in the box I keep gift supplies in to add to gift baskets for friends and family I know would use them!

I also had no idea but when you sign up you get free fitness classes they change up all the time on their site!  I have been wanting to find something I could do at home since it’s too hard for me to get out consistently enough for exercise with the little ones.

Please excuse the iPhone snapshot, but I was excited to tear into it and start using before I took a “proper” photo haha!  Man did I need that face mask after a long day with the kiddos LOL!

If you want to try it out they also gave me a link to get you $10 off your first box!  CLICK HERE to get the deal!

Fabfitfun Spring 2017 box


I can’t believe I haven’t shared this session over here yet!  I have known this family for many years now and was so excited when I found out they were expecting again!  It meant my second maternity session at the Vancouver Aquarium for this gorgeous pregnant mama who works as a marine mammal trainer there.  I understand there is much controversy about the Vancouver Aquarium at the moment, but as someone who spent hundreds if not thousands of hours volunteering at the aquarium and their Marine Mammal Rescue program while I was in high school I can tell you this recent decision is devastating.  There are many reasons but if you want to know more please try to keep an open mind and read THIS ARTICLE.  I plead with you, if you disagree with the parks board decision, please write them and express your concerns.

Vancouver Aquarium Maternity PhotographyVancouver Aquarium Maternity PhotographyVancouver Aquarium False Killer Whale PhotographyVancouver Aquarium Maternity Photography



A lot of you have been messaging that you enjoy the helpful tips and tricks I have been sharing over on our Facebook page lately so I thought I’d feature a different product here too monthly.  I’m only going to share the things I use and love or that make my life easier and promise not to overwhelm with ads for these things.  I just realized there are tons of things I use as a mom who also works from  home that might be helpful to many of you as well!

To start this off I wanted to share my favourite favourite app!  I spend a lot of time behind the computer editing images from your beautiful photography sessions and I was really missing the reading I used to do all the time.  A friend recommended I check out Audible for audiobooks while I edit and I have been using it for nearly 2 years now.  I get through SO many more books!  I still LOVE to curl up with a physical book every so often but this just let’s me learn more than I would ever be able to if I was relying only on that minimal reading time.  I pop these on in the car, while cooking or cleaning, at the park with the kids, on walks, while I edit, before bed (there’s an awesome sleep timer so you set it for 8 minutes…or however long you need and bam! You don’t miss too much after you fall asleep and return to it!).  It also syncs across devices so I can listen on my iPad, iPhone or Computer and it will pick up where I left off.  (It also works with Android, but I just happen to be a Mac girl.)

If you have missed all the reading you used to do before kids check it out!  There is a free 30 day trial too with 2 free books to start you off!