A Sad Note

I have some happier posts to make but wanted to get on here and post about a couple friends of Ashleigh Wells Photography I have been thinking about a lot lately. Last week two of my clients passed away and this has had me feeling a little blue. Thinking about it, a lot of people in business recommend trying to avoid becoming overly emotionally attached to your clients. I personally feel this is impossible and also feel strongly that my tendency to grow attached to my clients on a personal and professional level helps me to create the images I do. I like to learn about people, what they do, who and what they love and who they are as people during my sessions.

One of my clients who has passed I do not have a release for the images for so I cannot share any photos from his session, but from what I learned during our time together, he was a strong man who loved his family VERY much. A lot of the times dads have to be dragged along to their photo sessions and into a few because their wives tell them to. Not this man! He was so fun to work with and I could just feel the love between him, his wife and his daughter. I am very sad that such a wonderful father, son, brother, husband and friend has left us too soon. My thoughts are with his family as I can only imagine how hard this is on them. In all the sadness, I am so happy that I was able to photograph such a beautiful family when he was feeling healthy and can only hope that I captured the true feelings shared between them all.

The other friend to Ashleigh Wells Photography who is no longer with us was one I only recently took photos of and he is one of the dogs who is to be featured in the Hugabull 2011 Calendar. Gabe was a strong dog. He was abused and knocked down (as I wrote about him not long ago right here), yet he still managed to maintain his love for people and for life and never gave up. He found his forever home and what a wonderful family he found! I actually worked at a veterinary hospital for several years and his family used to take their dogs there so I understand how good they are to their furbabies and how devastating this unexpected loss must be for them. Again there is a lot of sadness in his passing but I am so grateful to have had the honour of meeting and photographing such a beautiful dog and that he will now be able to take a place of honour in the 2011 Hugabull Calendar. Through this calendar, Gabe and all the other doggy models and people who helped pull it together will be doing so much to help the plight of bully breed dogs who are too often mistreated.

Thank you for reading and letting me share my sadness. Words cannot express how much I love my job and hearing that my photos will hold a place in people’s hearts even in times of sorrow. Thank you also to both of these families for allowing me to get to know you and create photos that I hope will bring some small comfort at such a tough time. My thoughts are with you…

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