Yesterday one of my clients contacted me for photos we took of his dog, Daisy. After some unfortunate events she has been taken from him and given away or surrendered to a shelter without his consent. He has no idea where she is now, but really would like to find her and bring her home to her family. She is a very sweet dog and deserves to be home with her loving dad and other fur-siblings. There was a possible sighting of her running loose in Surrey in the area of 154 and 60th a couple of days ago. The person who thinks they may have seen her tried to catch the dog, but the dog ran. This would not be unlike little Miss Daisy who was abused in a prior home and is somewhat timid. If you see her please crouch down low and call her name to try to coax her to come. If you have ANY information at all, please call me at 778-228-7387 or email me at Thank you very much for your attention and if she is found I will post an update for that as well.

We miss our sister!


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