Saturday morning was my last day of mini sessions. I just had one that could make it for this day so we spent a little extra time since I was having so much fun with this sweetie pie! When she got out of the car she immediately inspected me up and down and said “Do you have any daughters?” When I replied that I did have a daughter she wanted to know why I only had one and why she wasn’t with me haha! That pretty much sums up the spunk contained in her little 3 year old mind! At first she was a little nervous so as soon as I had her all posed and ready to go, I noticed the “pee dance” happening and we had to make a dash for the bathroom. Once that was all done, she got right into modeling for me and even came up with some poses of her own! Great team effort little lady! It was a pleasure working with you!

And one of the poses a 3 year old thinks of all on her own is here haha! I always take the shot if they suggest it to make them happy, but I actually think this one is pretty stinking cute! I also have some versions where I think she was channeling The Little Mermaid or something HAHAHA!


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