ANMORE PHOTOGRAPHER-It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

This little bundle of joy lives just across the street from me (no really…I get to see her mommy and daddy rocking her gently late at night through the window when I close our blinds before bed they are that close! Haha!). She came a little late, so the neighbourhood was all very excited to meet her when she finally decided to make her appearance. We have lived in our house for just over 2 years now and I can’t tell you what wonderful parents this little girl has. They were some of the first people we met when we moved in and they really are the kind of neighbours who will volunteer to help with anything we might need and I hope they know we are happy to do the same. Our own daughter was particularly excited to meet her since she had been hounding our poor neighbour with questions about the baby from the moment she found out she was expecting hahaha! Congratulations guys! I can’t wait to watch her grow, and enjoy it because even though people tell you endlessly that it goes by too fast you don’t really “get” it until it happens to you!

I think she liked my bucket! Even though it was blue she was smiling for me a lot and happy as a clam in there. This bucket has made every baby smile since I started using it haha!


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