It’s been a while since I have shared photos of my own daughter. On Sunday I had a session scheduled and we were really hoping the snow would let up enough to allow us to go ahead with it, but unfortunately we had our first significant snowfall and had to reschedule our session. I still wanted to get outside and shoot in the beautiful white stuff that was creating a buzz throughout the Lower Mainland, so my family and I walked down to a field down the street from us and took a few photos. We spent about 15 minutes and then bundled our baby girl and our furbaby up ind some real snow gear and got down to serious playing in the snow!

“The world changes when it snows. It’s quiet. Everything softens.” (a favourite quote of mine from Gilmore Girls this photo reminded me of)

I’m pretty sure her “snow spell” worked!

Just in case the above photos led any of you to believe that my girls are actually peaceful and serene little beings, here are some outtakes of what I was actually dealing with haha!


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