Baby Blues

I had a session yesterday with one of my first ever newborns…in fact, his mom was actually the first “stranger” I did a maternity session for so I am lucky enough to have been the personal paparazzi for this little man since before he even left the womb! I am really enjoying being able to watch babies as they grow and seeing all the changes in them everytime they come back to me. As soon as I saw this little monkey I knew I’d be focusing in on those baby blue eyes that are so stunning! After our session he had a playdate with my daughter and his mom was kind enough to take usr out to lunch. At the restaurant…Ella kissed a boy for the first time! At 9 months old he’s already a ladies man! haha! Thanks so much guys for coming by yesterday, Ella and I had a lot of fun!

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  • Jeannie - Oh my God! What a cute little boy. Those eyes are as bright as little headlights. What a great job you did Ash, the parents must be over the moon about these! Good work Mrs. xo JeannieReplyCancel

  • oneshotbeyond - well done! He’s adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Kristi - Completely and utterly over the top impressed by your skills! Thank you sooooo much! xoxo KristiReplyCancel

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