I am back into the swing of things after having a couple of weeks off where I got together with a group of incredibly talented photographers to have fun shooting together and welcome spring by getting out into the gorgeous weather that peeked through the rain clouds for our week together. I will be sharing some of the photos here at a later date, but today is a day for newborn shares.

Now that I’m back to my regularly scheduled babies, they all seem to be arriving earlier than expected! This little muffin came to the studio on Thursday morning and she was just so adorable. I normally like to get sleeping newborn photos because oftentimes at such a young age, babies give me funny faces and crossed eyes most of the time when they are awake. This little doll was the exception to the rule and it’s a good thing too since she was determined to stay awake and take it all in for most of our session. I finally did manage to get her down for a bit of a sleep near the end, although I think “mom” and “dad” were about as ready for naptime as she was by that point haha! Congrats to this family on the newest addition!

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