This little guy had some serious smile happening from the moment he arrived! He has such a sweet personality and was such a ham for the camera…wonder where he got that from…DAD???? haha!

He’s had a rough start to life with many allergies that have caused him to have itchy skin and rashes so he hasn’t had many chances for professional photos. I have always used an unscented detergent for washing blankets and things that I use for photos to minimize any sensitivities in babies, but this little man’s parents had some more recommendations for detergents and soaps that would be even gentler! If your baby has a skin condition, please don’t feel like you can’t have nice photos of them! My passion is creating beautiful photos for everyone and I am MORE than happy to work with you to get photos your family can cherish forever!

I learned so much from you guys today so thank you for all the information! Enjoy your sneak peek!



He loved to put his feet up in this basket haha! How CUTE are those toes?!?!

I tried something new with my editing for this one to give it a vintage feel:)


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