This family received their session as a gift a while ago and were ready to redeem it this summer. I was a little nervous about the location they had decided they would like as full sun can be a challenge due to harsh lighting and that I wasn’t too familiar with New Brighton Beach as a shooting location, but I was absolutely THRILLED with how the images turned out from this session. I had such a blast photographing this family and at the end this cute little man’s cousins came to meet us to get in a couple of photos and take some near the greek restaurant their grandparents own in North Burnaby. We were lucky we could get out there early enough in the morning to still have some soft lighting to work with and I really love the feel of their whole session. I think it’s one of those times where pushing myself outside of my comfort zone paid off in a big way. Thanks guys for trusting in me to capture a place that you all visit and enjoy often. It was a beautiful day with an equally beautiful family!

We also wandered down Hastings in North Burnaby to capture a shot under the historic “Heights” sign which used to be the “Helen’s” sign in front of Helen’s dress shop. As someone who grew up in Burnaby I remember fondly trips to that store to get dresses for any nice events we had. I can vividly remember wanting a dress so badly because it was the one that twirled the best. My mom said no to that one, but it’s a memory I’m sure many Burnaby girls have from their younger years. I was so happy this family wanted to capture that sign for their photos and it was fun to chat about the history behind it too.


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