BURNABY MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER-Number three is on the way!

This mom to be’s mom and my mom have been friends for a LONG time now! I have enjoyed watching her family grow so much. She is one of the best moms I know researching everything she does for her boys and making sure she is environmentally friendly at every turn. She introduced us to this magical bubble bath we use in our house that keep the night time crankies at bay, she bought us our first cloth diaper for our baby shower which encouraged us to cloth diaper Ella when she was a baby and I have learned so many other great things about keeping my own family healthy through her. I am so excited that they have completed their family with their third little one (a girl in the mix!) and here is a share of her maternity session a couple of months ago, with some out takes of course!

Two little hams didn’t hold back their feelings about posing with mama’s baby bump HAHAHA! They crack me up!

The oldest of the three is an aspiring photographer and asked if he could take some shots of his dad in the studio before they left. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with starting from such a young age!


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