I had such a fun time with this session. When the woman who is owned by this dog and cat told me she wanted a photo of all three of them in their Canucks gear I just knew we’d get along haha! For those of you reading that are not Canadian, we love our hockey…like REALLY love it so to me this request made total sense haha! I can’t tell you how many times we teased poor Marshall (the dog) by asking him if he wanted to go for a “car ride”, but how could we not when we got the CUTEST expressions every time!?!? Eventually our session was over though and he did get his much anticipated car ride. Guinevere, (the cat) was not as thrilled about the experience as Marshall, but in the end she cooperated for a couple of shots for me. Thanks for coming in guys and I hope you enjoy your photos!

“Did someone say CAR RIDE!?!?!”

“Alright lady, I will pose momentarily…if I must”

“I’m sorry did I hear someone say CAR RIDE?!?!” (he fell for it EVERY TIME! HAHA!)


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