From the young age of 3 or so it has always been my dream to become a veterinarian. I didn’t even have any pets when I decided that was what I wanted to be and my mom credits the fact that she read the James Herriot series of novels about a country vet while she was pregnant with me. In high school I was lucky enough to be offered a position working at Burnaby Veterinary Hospital and I worked there for 4 or 5 years, loving every minute of it! Unfortunately, I just could not take all the physics involved in becoming a vet and I changed the sails of my career course after a few years of college. Recently, the vet that had owned that vet hospital sold it to Dr. Claudia Richter who is now the vet for both of our dogs. She asked about taking photos of the hospital for the website and I was thrilled to get to go back and photograph the place where I spent so many hours of my high school and college life learning so much about animals. Thankfully even though I am not a vet, I can say that I came away with a knowledge of animals and animal care that really does help me with my pet photography. What a fun day touring my old stompin’ grounds! Thank you for having me!

  • Michelle Ng - That’s so cool! I like that you are capturing all aspects of animals. I love that you shared a little bit of yourself too – you get to live your veterinary dream through taking photos of vets and beautiful animals!ReplyCancel

  • Diem - I LOVE ANIMALS!! AND I LOVE THIS POST! I think if I was in high school again having the love i have for animals now, I would probably try to be a vet. It seems to be such a worthwhile and fulfilling job! Great post homie!ReplyCancel

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