I had these two adorable cousins in my studio last week. How is it possible that there is such a crazy amount of cuteness in one family??? I was so excited when this younger man’s mom called and wanted a session with her 6 month old and his 9 month old cousin. These are such awesome ages for photography while they are sitting up, but not able to run away yet. We had to be careful about how to schedule it so knowing I would have about 45 minutes with the 6 month old, we did that session first, then an intermission for them to get lunch and for baby to have a nap while I met with the 9 month old. Then the younger cousin came back for the “together” photos that their grandparents were wanting. I could not believe it went off without a hitch and I have been having so much fun editing their session. Thanks for coming by everyone! I had a great time!

6 month old sweetheart

9 month old cutie

And the final product after we got them both together! *Sigh*…they melt my heart!


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