This little girl’s nickname is “Winnie The Pooper.” She definitely lives up to the name, I have to say! She also goes by “Conan” due to her persistent hairstyle that cannot be tamed. Her mom is so funny! I haven’t seen her since she was here for her newborn session 3 months ago, but I just love watching these little babies grow and change. It happens so fast! Her mom is a friend of mine from high school days so when she started to fuss we decided to let her have a bit of a nap in my daughter’s bed. Normally she naps for an hour or so at that time of day, but of course this time she napped for 3 and a half HOURS! It was awesome to be able to gab with a friend and catch up, but she left us very little time for her photo session because I had 20 minutes before I had to go get my daughter from daycare after that. We managed to get some great shots in though and also a great outtake before the nap happened.

I cannot resist sharing this outtake, but it comes with a disclaimer that I assure you all that if your baby ever looks at me this way, I will have to throw an outtake into your gallery to see…must be tough to lounge on a fur rug for the morning hahaha!


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