COQUITLAM FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER-Good to see another family back

This family came to me after moving to Vancouver from the states. I did a session with them when their oldest was just a few months old. Now it was time to welcome their most recent addition, a cute little boy, to the family! I could not believe how well spoken their little girl was and just what a lovely little girl she has grown up to be. She was so polite and even wandered upstairs from the home studio in the basement to visit with my husband and chat with him about Ella’s toys while we did our session downstairs. What a confident and sweet girl. You guys are doing a great job. Whatever you’re doing, it’s WORKING! Thank you for coming to see me again!

How big brothers feel when they get a big kiss from their sister…apparently they feel that way from birth hahaha!

And I couldn’t let this little cutie sneak away without getting one of her on her own!


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