COQUITLAM NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER-Slatki mali dječak (sweet little boy)

This cutie’s mom was referred to me by a friend of hers and although I don’t normally shoot newborns after they are 10 days old and her baby was 8 weeks at the time, she REALLY wanted to have a session with him and to sign up for the Watch Me Grow Collection. I told her I didn’t think at this age we would likely get anything like what I show on my site for newborn images, but that we could do our best. So we booked our date and decided to hope for the best! Then a couple of days before our session my daughter got sick which meant we had to reschedule. To make things worse, I was to be hosting a workshop the following week and it had to be delayed another 2 weeks! When he came he was almost 3 months. As we were taking photos of him awake he started to get sleepy and by some miracle he fell fast asleep and let me pose him like any other newborn! This is completely abnormal, but I’m convinced it’s because he knew we were “blood” so to speak. Through the session I noticed his mom speaking to him in Croatian. I don’t look it, but I am half Croatian so I understood a lot of what she was saying to him as my grandfather taught me to speak quite a bit when I was younger. Hearing the language always makes me nostalgic now as I remember him and all he taught me. In any case, this little man’s mom wanted the shot I do with the well bucket more than anything. I told her in advance it was very unlikely as it is a very tough shot and even most babies who are under 10 days won’t pose for me in there. Since he was so sleepy though we decided to try. He woke up when we put him in there and just gave me the most ADORABLE gaze! I am still shocked at how much variety we got with him after he fell asleep and I am thrilled I was able to capture some of the newborn poses his mom wanted so badly, but thought she had missed the time frame for. Hvala vam što ste došli!

His fingers are just TOO CUTE!


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