Early Bird!

This little peanut made her entrance into this world 3 weeks early! As my second largest newborn to photograph though she certainly wasn’t a typical preemie! She was 5 weeks old when she came to me for her first photoshoot on Saturday. Due to the fact that she was born so early we used her adjusted age and were still within the 10 day best recommended age for newborn photos. She slept like a dream for the first half of the session and was completely happy and content for the awake photos too. There is no doubt this little gal is one big, strong baby so there weren’t as many curled up baby shots as usual, but there was also no lack of adorable shots of her either. WHAT A CUTIE!

Her “T” (not going with grandma here haha!) came along with the family and I was even more delighted when I heard she was a photography instructor *ahem* delighted and totally intimidated haha! “T” doesn’t like being on the other side of the lens you see…most of us photographers squirm when we get each other over on that end, but she did a great job and I even got a real smile. Although it wasn’t hard, she just had to take one look at that beautiful grandbaby! I don’t have one edited to post here yet, but there’s one of you too “dad” and guess what? I caught you smiling too…now I’m just working on photoshopping in your tan, 6-pack, ripped arms etc. as you requested haha! Just kidding! No worries for “mom” though on the smiles. She was so at ease in front of the camera and looked like a goddess holding and comforting her little baby girl. She is a natural mom. There are some moms and you just feel that nurturing feeling whenever you’re around them. She is one of those kind of moms. This little girl is so lucky to have such a strong, but gentle mom and I hope I will have the honour of being able to photograph them again as she grows and changes!

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