Just to share a little of our own family vacation, we went to California to meet up with family and visit Disneyland, San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Before meeting up for that part of our trip, my husband, daughter and I stayed in a beautiful hotel on the Sunset Strip for two nights where I met up with an INCREDIBLE photographer I know, Desiree Hayes and was so lucky to have a session with her on the OTHER side of the lens!!! It was so strange for me being on the other end, but also really fun and got a gift for my husband all ready to go for Christmas out of it. I’ll only share this one here, but if you are ever in California and have ever thought of a boudoir session before, Desiree is the woman to see!!! (Thanks girl!)

I LOVED the light in our room so asked my daughter if she would like me to take her photo. She said she did so I sat her on the chair in the corner and all of a sudden this happened…and it happened a LOT on this part of the trip staying in this entirely white room with glass and mirrors all over the place hahaha! Oh how I love having a two year old!

During our stay there, we found a great little breakfast restaurant and my daughter took her first photo all by herself. I had the settings set for something else, but she took the camera, moved it where she wanted it and shot this one which I don’t think is half bad for a two year old (proud mommy moment!)

Thank you to all of my friends and clients patiently waiting on photos and orders while I was away! I rarely go on vacation so I’m just getting all caught up now as quickly as possible. Although I have to admit that coming home from mid 20 degree weather to a rain storm and now a snow storm has made me want to run away again haha!


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