Our family moved into our new home on Wednesday and we’ve unpacked all but 5 or so boxes in the living room and the ones with books which we need a bookshelf for in the bedroom already!  I was in a hurry because I knew I had this beautiful newborn coming by today for photos and wanted my home to look presentable and obviously to have the new studio space set up (I hope I achieved that, but only her family will know for sure haha!).   This little 7 day old girly is a sweetheart that’s for sure and I thoroughly enjoyed snuggling a newborn in a calm and quiet space after all that moving madness.  A big thanks to this family for bearing with me through adjusting to my new studio and for bringing your new addition by today!  Thanks also to everyone who is so patiently waiting on orders…I’m back to work now and with a few more litres of caffiene I should be back on schedule in no time!

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