Ok, time to come clean…I’ve been slacking on this blog! SORRY! I’ve just been so busy with getting out into the great weather we are having (when it decides to appear) and editing all of my images when it disappears. Spring is a time for renewal and I am feeling this creative spark now that it is warm enough to get out in the fresh air and use the beautiful surroundings that all this rain creates for us in Vancouver! I will get back to updating here more regularly I’m sure, but I am also getting ready to update my site and blog altogether so that is taking a fair amount of my time as well. Thank you all for understanding!

I am so honoured to have been asked by Hugabull to photograph some of the dogs for their annual calendar this year. Hugabull is a rescue group that rescues and rehabilitates “bully breed” dogs including American Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers etc. If you don’t know me personally you may or may not know that we have an American Bulldog in our home. We did not rescue her, but have learned so much about bully breeds through her. On a fairly regular basis we are judged for having a “vicious” or “dangerous” animal especially with a baby in the home. However, I have to say that she is the most gentle, loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of living with. Bully breeds get a bad reputation from media reports, but in reality, most (if not all) attacks happen when these dogs are mistreated and/or abused. It seems like a higher rate than other breeds, but a lab biting a child is just not the same kind of news story. From my 6 years living with my dog and learning about her breed and other bully breeds, I have realized these dogs only want to please their owners. This can be great like in our case, or it can go horribly wrong as in the case of many owners who purchase dogs like this for their tough guy image and then mistreat them. I have so far photographed 2 of the 5 dogs I will be photographing for the calendar and they were both just such beautiful amazing dogs!

Gabe in particular, had a heartbreaking story. You will notice in the photos he has no ears. None. They were cut off. He also has had more than half his tail cut off. When rescued his rescuers were told he was bred to create fighting dogs, although from the way his ears were cut and his tail docked, I have to wonder if they used him to fight as well. Despite his rough beginnings he was just happy to be with people and play around with his ball when I took his photos and he didn’t mind at all that I had to come straight from a family function in a dress and 4″ heels to get the right lighting on a cloudy day that turned sunny on us haha!

Thank you to all the volunteers for Hugabull who so generously donate their time to this organization and thank you for allowing me to contribute where I can!

Without further ado…I introduce Gabe:

Gabe2 web-13

Gabe3 web

  • Kristen - We are the lucky ones!!

    PS Miss Roxy is one of the best dogs i know. Give her a big squeez for me!


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