Goodbye 2010 Olympics!

Tonight was the closing ceremony for the 2010 Olympics which were just hosted in my very own city! I will be sad to see all the celebrations (and the flood of gold medals for Canada WOOHOO!!!) come to a close. These Olympics have really brought out a sense of pride for people in this country that has overwhelmed many. A couple of months ago I was contacted my a gentleman who wanted family photos of himself, his two daughters and their families. This meant a shoot with 10 people (including 4 children between the ages of 12 and 2). No easy task haha! The families were all coming here to watch the games. Some were from Calgary and some from Toronto so it was the perfect time to have a family photo session as well since I’m sure getting this whole gang together is not something that’s done easily! We decided to set a date for the photos and hope for nice weather. Well of course it was beautiful and sunny the week before our session and then POURED rain the week of our session and on the day of. We thought we were going to have to cancel, but then I decided we should go up to Simon Fraser University which has some neat architecture and outdoor areas that are still covered. I had a great time taking photos despite the bad weather and really enjoyed meeting this beautiful family! Thank you so much for booking your session with me and I’ll be in touch with the rest of the photos as soon as possible. Enjoy your sneak peek!

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If you’ve ever had a session with me with a two year old…this is why I don’t ask them to smile or say cheese unless it’s an emergency…they don’t really understand smiling on cue yet hahaha!
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Putting a plastic fish on your head works much better to get smiles from the little ones haha!
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Mom had to try this trick too…
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