Happy Birthday to my Godmommy!

Tonight’s session is particularly dear to my heart. I grew up with my godparents and their 3 boys living downstairs from me and my mom. Since my mom worked, I was often downstairs playing with “the boys”. I consider them to be my brothers and I am so proud of all of them! That said…having known them since birth…I have seen the way they approach taking photos!!! Therefore, I decided I was going to give my godmom a GOOD family portrait for her birthday this year of her with her three men. I also did some “couples” shots of one of “the boys” and his high school sweetheart. There will be more couple sessions to follow as a certain couple showed up late and another member was missing! We had to reschedule about 10 times already so decided to get what we could today and do reshoots for anyone who missed out later. While MANY of my shots came out like this:

I got a few like that were nicer for my dearest godmommy!!!




Thanks guys for cooperating for at least a few photos! I love you all and had so much fun tonight and happy BELATED birthday to my G-Ma! xoxo

  • Jeannie - Oh my God Ash! Once again….you have the gift. These pics are incredible…even with those subjects! Thanks so much I love them. Even the goofy ones. You had a difficult crew to work with and even though you grew up with this crew and can boss them like no other (although Chant is a close second in the bossing department) they still remain a challenge. You do great work. Love ya, Godmommy xoxoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I totally love these pics! What a great job!ReplyCancel

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