Updating this blog is making me long for that beautiful summer we had this year! I loved every moment of this session. It was a beautiful afternoon at the lake and this cute pup was so excited for his photo session. We went for a walk, taking photos as we went and ended at the lake where he got to enjoy a dip in the water, chasing his ball which is his favourite thing to do. I know that owners don’t always want to be in photos with their pets (or their children), but I really feel like it’s so important. What is left at the end of it all is photographs. I have lost several pets and the things I cherish most when those sad days come are the photos I have of us together. I hope that more owners will get in photos with their lovelies after seeing how beautiful these two are together and how a simple image can show the bond shared between people and animals.

This one screamed for canvas to me and thankfully his mom agreed and got it printed for her wall.

A little bit of sass for me near the end of his session. I think he’s saying “That’s a wrap lady…can we go to the water now please?!??”


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