This little man put up the toughest fight to not fall asleep that I have ever seen! We tried everything, but he was not happy and was not having our photo session on the first day we tried. We managed to get his 3 year old brother to nap for the entire session, but not him haha! He was just not giving up. I don’t like to push it and upset the babies that come to me of course, so I suggested we re-shoot the following week which is something I have never had to do. Since he was a bit older his mom and dad thought we might have more luck with a lifestyle session at their home. I went out to see them and we actually got him to sleep like a DREAM this time. I was not going to give up on him and I am so glad that we got the shots we wanted to. From their maternity session (you might remember it was a little while ago and it SNOWED so we got 2 shots outside and had to head to the studio) to this newborn session, we had a ton of challenges, but I think we got a great result in the end with a little patience.

Here he is with his fighting stance at our first attempt haha!

HA! I win little monkey! These are from the re-shoot

Here is one of his big brother who is probably the most cooperative 3 year old I have ever met! Thanks for being so helpful big guy!


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