LOWER MAINLAND NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER-The biggest baby award goes to…

This big-little man tipped the scales at 10lbs 6oz when he was born. His mom is SO tiny I’m not sure how this happened, but I am pretty sure that officially makes him the largest newborn I have ever photographed. He was so chunky and adorable I just could not get over it! He slept really well too! A lot of newborn sessions are just me chatting away with parents while I shoot or while baby feeds and while we were talking we realized that his mom and I actually went to the same elementary school. She is a bit younger than me, but she was in the same class as my younger brothers. What a small world we live in! What a wonderful session this was, thank you all for coming to see me!

Seriously…they smile for me in this bucket EVERY. TIME. HAHA!

He’s a big boy, but he still fits in the palm of daddy’s hands


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