A good friend of mine and an AMAZING photographer, Trina Letawsky and I have teamed up for weddings! I am often asked if I offer wedding photography, but I never felt comfortable shooting a wedding alone. There is so much to capture, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing on such a special day that has so much planning go into it. The perfect solution came when Trina and I decided to join forces. We have studied under the same mentors and attended many of the same workshops and classes. We both have a similar style and the differences compliment each other well. Trina and I are both perfectionists so we always give 100% and working together we find we get the variety we want to for every wedding. Trina loves her close up shots, and I love my pull backs and full lengths. When we work together we really find our business name suits us in that we are the Perfect Blend and we rarely need to ask one another to do something or boss each other around (unless we feel like it haha!), because if we even think of it, the other is already on the job doing what we were about to ask for anyhow. We have spent this summer photographing some really fun weddings and getting our feet wet and our website is officially LIVE! You can see it here: http://www.perfectblendphotography.com

Here is an image from a very good friend of mine’s wedding. Her and her husband got married at Zajac Ranch. I have never known anyone who had a wedding there before so I had no idea what to expect, but I must say it was an AMAZING venue! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day!

Toasted marshmallows at a wedding!?!?! YES PLEASE!!! HAHA!


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