MAPLE RIDGE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER-Another Mother’s Day mini session family!

This family also booked a Mother’s Day mini session with me. I can’t tell you how special this family is to me. They were also one of the first to come to me after I officially started my business a couple of years ago. They came for their maternity session, then newborn, then 1 year, and next was their wedding, which was one of the first weddings Trina and I did for our new weddings business, Perfect Blend Photography. Now, their baby girl is 2 years old and it was time to document the next stage! Now that she is on the move it’s hard to keep her still though haha! She didn’t give me too many smiles, but I have to blame her dad for that. Since I have worked with them so many times, I have learned that he is rather “particular” about how he likes his hands placed, or his face tilted, or his shirt tucked or untucked, buttoned or unbuttoned etc. I think it was at an extended family session before their wedding that I affectionately and officially decided to start calling him Beyonce because he’s such a diva HAHAHA! Actually…I’m pretty sure I called him Celine first and he requested a “hotter diva like Beyonce”. So, it looks like his little girl knows what she wants too and I wish him all the luck for the years ahead! Sorry Beyonce, I had to share…you guys are awesome!

When families come to me and their children don’t want to smile I prefer to not force it. I want it to be a fun experience for everyone, not one where we’re fighting them to take the photo we want. I had gone for a walk with this little girl and her mom the week before just to catch up and the day before that she had just realized that water goes under bridges. Now, whenever she crosses a bridge she has to go VERY slowly and look down the whole way because she’s nervous. Sometimes it’s these images that capture my heart even more than the smiling shots because it’s so much a part of who she is right now and it won’t last long. My own daughter changes so much that these are the kinds of things I don’t ever want to forget.


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