MAPLE RIDGE NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER-Two more little additions made to a LOVELY family

I know you’ve probably all had your fill of sweetness tonight if you’re busy raiding your kid’s candy bags like we are, but we had to share something else sweet over here tonight to keep on track towards catching up the blog! I photographed these newborn twins a few months ago. This family has been coming to me since the very beginning of my business almost! I have photographed their wedding, first pregnancy, first newborn, second maternity images and most recently the newest addition of two sweet bundles of joy. I absolutely LOVE watching families come back as they grow and go through life’s most special moments. I also think it becomes even more fun as we form our own relationships to each other. This dad is always going to be known as “Beyonce” to me because I love to poke fun at him being a bit of a diva (he’s really not but it became a joke at one of our sessions hahaha!) and I always have such a good time when I get to photograph their family.

The little boy component of this duo was wide awake for most of the session and then when he did fall asleep he let us know how he felt about his twin sister HAHAHA! Had to include that outtake in here of course! Thanks for coming to see me guys!


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