I had a lot of twins come to see me this year, but I think most have been boy-girl twins. I absolutely loved meeting these twin girlies and seeing how similar, but yet how very different they are already! A session with two who were both teething was a challenge to be perfectly honest, but their parents were so very patient with the process (I suppose they have had a lot of practice haha!), and we still managed to get some great shots even if the ladies weren’t too smiley that day. I love the little outfits they brought along too and had a great time getting as silly as I could to stop any tears that morning, hopefully their mom and dad have recovered from listening to my horrible singing voice (sometimes you just have to do what it takes hahaha!).

HA! Made ya smile!

And Dad wanted one that represented how they were truly feeling that day…I call this one “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” hahaha!


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