Mother’s Day Contest Winner!

I have selected the winner for my Mother’s Day Contest and the grand prize goes to Jocelyn who was nominated by the secretary at the school her boys attend. I cannot wait to meet and photograph this family! Thank you to all who sent in stories of all the fabulous mothers they know! A mother’s love and strength never ceases to amaze me! Here is an excerpt from the email that was submitted for the contest:

“The mother that I want to nominate is Jocelyn. She is the single mother of 6 year old identical triplet boys. They are cute, rambunctious little guys who are always running and playing happily. I know she works very hard to make sure they come to school everyday all dressed neat and tidy, well fed and on time. It must be such a challenge on a daily basis but she always has smile and a kind word. She’s at the school every day after school socializing with the other mother’s and making sure the boys have time to play after school. I think she’s amazing and does so much with so little and they all seem very happy and well cared for.”


  • Harley - Wow!!! I can’t believe it – triplet boys – :) My hat goes off to her – I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful pictures :)ReplyCancel

  • Grace - I can’t wait to see pictures – It will be so amazing! (hard I bet but the result can’t be anything else but awesome!)ReplyCancel

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