Newborn Sweetheart

Today I had a little newborn girl in the studio for her very first photo session! I have to say this was the smallest 4 week old baby I have ever seen! Weighing in at 7lbs now even though she was born full term. She’s just such a teeny tiny bundle of CUTE! Normally I recommend newborns come to me within the first 10 days of life since that’s when they are still not as alert and I can get them to sleep peacefully, making posing easier. When newborns are awake they often spend a lot of time making silly faces and can’t smile in response to my crazy antics yet. Although this little lady stayed awake for the majority of our session as I expected, even her silly faces are too cute for words! haha! She already has a mind of her own and knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Likes: snuggles, mommy, daddy, milk, being warm, lights, car rides, swinging, being swaddled and (most importantly) the Canucks! Dislikes: being changed, feeling hungry. I say that’s a pretty good balance! Her parents are already such calm parents even though she’s their first and I think it rubs off on her because she has such a long list of “likes” that even if she does get upset it’s easy to settle her down again. Thanks so much for coming by today guys!

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Couldn’t resist this silly shot…KISSES for Valentine’s!
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  • Anita - Your pictures are fantastic, but why wouldn’t they be when my niece is so beautiful. You are very talented and have a good eye, great pictures (all of them)ReplyCancel

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