This post has been a LONG time coming! In August my best guy friend since kindergarten asked me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend. I was very nervous since I’d have to be hidden! What if someone walked in front of me, or she saw me? Then he explained he wanted me to keep it a secret until she left for a trip to China since he’d be surprising her with prints to take with her on her trip. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HORRIBLE person for keeping secrets so this was a tough one for me. He finally gave her the photo album last night so I can share a couple of shots from their engagement.

On a personal level, these two are one of the sweetest, most in love couples I have ever met. He recently returned from serving our country in Afghanistan and I am so unbelievably proud to call him a friend of mine. I think I’ve always thought of him as that little boy I met walking home from school at 5 years old talking about panda bears non-stop, but today I look at him and see this amazing man who is going to marry the woman of his dreams and it just makes me grateful to have such awesome friends.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your very special day! xo

Aren’t they just sickeningly cute???

Checking to make sure I’m at the ready…

This one is just so…”HIM”!!! HAHA!


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