I am always grateful to families who give me nice referrals and this one was extra special! Their friends came to me a few months ago (actually 6 months ago…I’ll be seeing that baby again soon in the new year) and referred this family to me. Later, we realized that we have a good friend in common and then when they came for the session it turns out my husband went to school with the dad and they lived abroad with friends together for a while! What a crazy small world.

It was evident throughout the entire session how happy these two were to be parents and how in awe they were of their newest little addition to the family! This little gal slept like a dream (in fact I think she gets the award for the most cooperative newborn I have ever had in the studio!)…for me that is haha! As I said that and her mom was holding her for some family shots, she pooped all over the place. She still gets “most cooperative” award from me even if her parents don’t think she deserves it. In fact, most of the time I am the one getting pooped and peed on at newborn sessions (it happens! haha!) so in fact, I think I gave her extra points for not doing it to me! In all seriousness I don’t think they come much cuter than this and I am so glad to be able to meet so many wonderful people with this job. Great to meet you guys!

Smiley face!

Perfect little hands!


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