I meant to post a sneak peek of yesterday’s session last night, but I sort of hit panic mode when I realized we are moving in TWO WEEKS!  Shortly after that I realized we have NOTHING packed yet so today my dearest hubby brought home about 20 boxes and we packed them all.  It still looks like nothing is packed though which is sort of depressing since all we packed was the china hutch, some of the bookshelf and dishes which were all hidden in cupboards.  In any case, yesterday our realtor, Jeff Parlee’s wife came by with her two gorgeous girls and her mom, “Oma” for a photo session.  These little girls are lucky enough to have their “Oma” here all the way from Holland to visit for two weeks and it was so much fun to do a session with all the generations of beautiful women in this family!    The girls were adorable coming up with many of their own creative poses and stories and after we were finished they found my daughter’s stash of toys and outfits and they put on a really cute show for me (thanks girls!).  Sorry I was a bit behind on your sneak peek, I hope you enjoy these.

002 copy web

004 copy web


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