One for one…

I had a session on Saturday with my cutie pie little niece for her first birthday…or I was supposed to! We got one shot in and then pulled out a giant lamb chair that this little doll had her newborn photos taken on. Well, she got so excited by the lamb that she went running over to it and tripped, doing a faceplant in the studio. Poor girl! Her teeth cut into her lip and she was pretty upset. For a few minutes anyways! I think my sister-in-law and I were more upset by it than she was haha! After a few minutes she was fine but we decided one photo for turning one was going to have to do it this year. I wish I could do a reshoot, but because they live in Calgary, that’s going to have to wait until the next visit here or until my hubby and I make it out her way. Sorry you got hurt baby girl, but I’m so glad you’re all better now!

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