This maternity session from this summer was so fun. We went outside for some shots and then returned to the studio to get some more intimate shots afterwards. I just love getting out side with expecting moms and combining the beautiful and live scenery with new life that is being created. I am always in awe of how magical women’s bodies are and what a gift it is that we are able to create new life within us.

This couple was so wonderful to work with and I enjoyed every moment of it. I can’t wait to share the resulting newborn images we captured a few weeks later! Stay tuned!


I made the announcement of an addition to my one woman team on facebook last week, but I wanted to devote a proper blog post to this newest announcement. The past 3-4 years running my own business and starting it from the ground up alone has been the most amazing experience of my life, but also the most overwhelming. I have had countless sleepless nights and have poured my heart and soul into creating my business. Thanks to all of you my business is thriving and successful.

The plan to bring my husband, Bryan Wells, on to work with me has been in the works for several months now. We have just been waiting for all of the pieces to fall into place and they finally have. Bryan is the PERFECT fit as an addition to Ashleigh Wells Photography because he has been there by my side watching me work and helping me where he can since the very beginning. He understands everything I do to make things run as smoothly as possible and he has attended several of the workshops, classes and conferences with me over the past 2 years. There is some training that will have to take place, but he will be working towards being responsible for much of our email correspondence, booking management and other business tasks that take me away from my passion which is to photograph families and edit those images to perfection.

Many people might think it would be next to impossible to work so closely with their spouse, but Bryan and I did a trial run a few months ago and we have never been happier than when we were working together. I am so lucky that my husband is not only that, but he is truly my best friend as well. We happen to find each other quite funny and I’m planning to do a weekly share here of a personal nature to share some of the funny antics we get up to during our days working together.

My business and my life would not be the same without this very special man who is the best father I know. He cooks a proper, well balanced, sit down dinner for our family almost every night. He helps with cleaning and other chores (sure, he complains but he does it!). He has been my shoulder to cry on in the hard days doing this and he has been my friend to laugh with during the most ridiculous days of this job and life. He is a rock that keeps me calm in the face of chaos and for all of those reasons and more I think he is just the perfect fit for the business partner I have so been needing to add to my team.

Thank you all for your continued support and looking forward to this change that will help us to serve you the best we can!

Photo courtesy of Lisa DiGeso of MILK AND HONEY PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Michelle Ng - Congratulations Ashleigh and Bryan! I’m so glad to hear and see you guys growing not only as a family, but as a couple as well. Your story makes me smile from ear to ear. Wishing all the best!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

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I have finally found some time to update the blog here and will be posting as much as I can over the next week to get myself entirely caught up. Now that my husband is working with my full time officially I should be able to keep up with this more easily (a detailed post to follow about that soon!). This was a maternity session I did a while ago now, but I had so much fun. I had a great time getting to know this couple and the blog post about their little newborn will be coming up soon too! I don’t know how these mama’s do it, but I only wish I looked this wonderful when I was pregnant!


This couple came to see me for their engagement session a couple of months ago all the way from IRELAND! I was so excited to meet them and do this session in beautiful, historic gastown. They really wanted a vintage feel to their session so the processing on these is very different than my usual style but I had a lot of fun with it! Our original plan had been a picnic set up, but it was POURING rain the day of our session and there was no opportunity to reschedule. Just before we started there was a slight break in the rain and we lucked out and had very little rain for the actual session and when it was raining we just had fun playing with using an umbrella as a prop. Congratulations to this beautiful couple and all the best on your wedding day!

I do offer weddings under a different business name (for anyone who is wondering it is Perfect Blend Photography). I do them with a business partner (Trina of Trina Lianne Photography), but at the moment we are only taking VERY limited bookings for engagement sessions and weddings as Trina is expecting her first baby any day now so we’re leaving a little time for her to adjust and enjoy the early stages with the newest addition to her family. If you are interested in booking an engagement session or a wedding you can contact me through here or our weddings site and we can see what we might be able to accommodate!


I am WAY behind on blogging (too busy photographing as many families as I can with what is left of our summer weather!). In any case, I want to make sure everyone’s sessions do get blogged so I’ll carry on with updating here as often as I can. I really love seeing babies come back for their one year session because there is so much growth in the first year it’s always interesting to see who they have grown into. This little boy came to me with is best buddy when he was a newborn. You may remember those two from this image:

Please note this is a composite and newborns should not be photographed with animals unless it is done as a composite and the photographer is experienced enough to read animal cues in case it becomes too much for a pet at any time.

Here he is now celebrating his first birthday!!!