My favourite little Croatian guy was in again for some updated portraits a couple of months ago (yes, I KNOW I’m VERY behind on my blogging and I’m sorry!). We had another great session as this sweetheart is always happy to come and play. Him and his mom even brought me some Croatian treats (Napolitanke) as I am half Croatian and don’t really get too much of this stuff anymore since my Grandpa passed away a few years ago. SO tasty! Thank you for coming to see me again and thanks for the delicious snacks! I can’t wait for his one year session and some family shots to round out his Watch Me Grow Collection!

Oh he looks SO Croatian in this one! He is so cute it just KILLS me!


My little brother, Curtis Moss, has been competing in javelin since he was in high school with a goal to get himself to the Olympics. This is no small feat when you’re expected to balance work, schooling, and find a way to pay for all of the traveling you have to do for competition. Despite all of those challenges (and many others along the way), a few weeks ago, he was in Calgary and he had one, last chance to throw the javelin far enough to qualify to compete in the London 2012 Olympic Games and represent Canada. Much of our family made a trek out to go see him live and those of us who couldn’t go hunkered around our computers to watch online. Unfortunately the feed didn’t work but we got the news quickly via text message and he DID IT!!!!

It’s so unreal to see someone you grew up with achieve such a huge goal. My heart is filled with pride and I find his entire journey very inspirational. When I look at all the things that helped him get to this point I see none of it was by chance. Curtis has a variety of qualities that brought him to where he is. He is loyal, determined, focused and driven. He knows which people will give him strength in which area of his journey, and he lets them help where they can.

He will be throwing the javelin for Canada on August 8th and 11th and it should be televised so keep an eye out for him! In the meantime, I went to watch him throw in Coquitlam the other day and had a great time watching him do his thing! Then on Friday he came over and we did a fun session in the studio so I could create some Joel Grimes inspired images (see the images near the end of this post)

Curtis, you are making all of us so very proud! I know that you will do very well in London and I can’t wait to see my little baby brother on TV! You are and inspiration to all of us and I hope you know that those of us who can’t make it to London will be glued to the TV when you are throwing and we’ll be doing your special “clap” as you run down the track!

Of course he would get stuck in traffic and show up late, but his coach (orange shirt) laughed it off with him and he got into a quick warm up on the sidelines!

A little more warm up (and in one of these it appears he does an Irish jig haha! I am a big sister I have to pick on him a little) and he’s ready for his first throw!

Throwface is serious. HAHA!

Apparently all javelin throwers are really serious about the throwface too! Cracks me up!

I love the shot of Curtis with his longtime coach Don Steen who has been there for him every step of the way and will be at the events in London to cheer him on too. The last image is a large part of Curtis’ “fan club” who try to go to any meets they can and all of these people have contributed to his success in their own way: his cousin makes the “lucky cookies” (these are also Mr. Steen’s form of payment), his mom does…well…everything like any other mom, his girlfriend is there helping him get ready to go, making sure he packs the right things, and making sure he remembers to have fun along the way, family friends make T-shirts and signs, other friends bring snacks and drinks. Most importantly we all love Curtis and we just love seeing him succeed with this!

And finally, here are the images I came up with when he came over on Friday (my birthday) for his photoshoot in my studio!

For this one, I added some fake sweat which meant I got to spray him with water and glycerin right in the face. For the record? As a big sister of 3 boys? This felt like pretty awesome payback to me hahaha!


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  • Gillian Harvie - This is so great, Ashleigh! What amazing photos. We look forward to keeping up with Curtis while he’s
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Yesterday one of my clients contacted me for photos we took of his dog, Daisy. After some unfortunate events she has been taken from him and given away or surrendered to a shelter without his consent. He has no idea where she is now, but really would like to find her and bring her home to her family. She is a very sweet dog and deserves to be home with her loving dad and other fur-siblings. There was a possible sighting of her running loose in Surrey in the area of 154 and 60th a couple of days ago. The person who thinks they may have seen her tried to catch the dog, but the dog ran. This would not be unlike little Miss Daisy who was abused in a prior home and is somewhat timid. If you see her please crouch down low and call her name to try to coax her to come. If you have ANY information at all, please call me at 778-228-7387 or email me at Thank you very much for your attention and if she is found I will post an update for that as well.

We miss our sister!


From the young age of 3 or so it has always been my dream to become a veterinarian. I didn’t even have any pets when I decided that was what I wanted to be and my mom credits the fact that she read the James Herriot series of novels about a country vet while she was pregnant with me. In high school I was lucky enough to be offered a position working at Burnaby Veterinary Hospital and I worked there for 4 or 5 years, loving every minute of it! Unfortunately, I just could not take all the physics involved in becoming a vet and I changed the sails of my career course after a few years of college. Recently, the vet that had owned that vet hospital sold it to Dr. Claudia Richter who is now the vet for both of our dogs. She asked about taking photos of the hospital for the website and I was thrilled to get to go back and photograph the place where I spent so many hours of my high school and college life learning so much about animals. Thankfully even though I am not a vet, I can say that I came away with a knowledge of animals and animal care that really does help me with my pet photography. What a fun day touring my old stompin’ grounds! Thank you for having me!

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