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I hope all of you wonderful mamas out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day today! I had a roller coaster of a Mother’s Day myself, which when I think about it, is probably what all moms of young children have on Mother’s Day.

I think there is WAY too much pressure on moms to have this picture perfect, lovey dovey, emotional day on Mother’s Day and it just never seems to go the way we plan it in our heads.

I have 4 moms I try to see each year on Mother’s Day (my own mom, my mother-in-law, my godmother and my stepmom!). That always leads to a busy day, so our day started off on a good foot while my husband CLEANED and then cooked for myself and his mom, dad, my dad and stepmom. Then I dashed off to the vet to take our pup in for her 3rd round of vaccinations. I happen to really like our vet so that part was fun (despite the whole butt cheese incident but I will spare you the details on that story haha!). After our vet visit we headed off to the beach with my mom. We arrived and had some fun finding starfish, crabs and the like. Then when we headed over for fish and chips is when our day went pear shaped and we ended up with a screaming, tantrum throwing toddler. I DREAD these moments with our 3.5 year old. They don’t happen often (particularly not in public), but when they do, they are thoroughly embarrassing. Even moreso on Mother’s Day! After a few minutes of trying to calm her down I told her if she didn’t stop we’d have to leave right away. Only then she did NOT stop and we actually had to follow through. Cue me storming back to the car, screaming toddler in tow and tons of onlookers staring at me. If any of you readers were there today I apologize for our scene. We had a tense car ride home and then FINALLY arrived at the house I grew up in where my mom and my godmother live. Ella just loves my godmom so she was THRILLED to be somewhere that everyone wasn’t upset with her and we all had a few moments of peace to calm down. We visited with “Nana Jean” and her cat, Mr. Bigglesworth and were ready to head home and deal with the consequences of the day.

Unfortunately for our little lady, she has lost her toy privileges until she earns them back with good behaviour and she had to go to bed early tonight. Days like these are the ones that ALWAYS seem to happen with events like Mother’s Day when you just want everyone to get along and behave themselves. Days like these are the ones that moms don’t talk about enough because when they happen, they tend to make us feel like the worst parents on the planet so we hide it and just feel embarrassed. All it would have taken to make me feel better during the Crescent Beach Meltdown of 2012 would be for ONE mom there to stop me and say “I have SO been there too and you’ll make it through okay” instead of staring at me, mouths agape as though they have never seen something like this before in their lives. I hope when we make it through this stage and our 3 year old daughter is older and more lucid, I can be that supportive voice for another mom on Mother’s Day (or any other day) if I ever see someone having a rough go of things the way I did today. Let’s all do each other a favour and stop pretending that motherhood is all roses and sunshine. It’s roses and sunshine AND tantrums and exhaustion. It is all very worth it, but this Mother’s Day I have decided to accept and embrace the fact that life is not perfect, I am not perfect and neither is my baby girl…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Commence series of photos that will make you forget anything about that crazy tantrum I just rambled about (kind of the way this is how I will see this Mother’s Day a couple of years from now when I forget about the tantrum part of the day and only remember these bits hahaha!)

Good morning to me!

A charm for my bracelet that says “MOM”

The hubby vacuuming!!!

…and cooking!

Yummy breakfast!

Bad Mommy, bringing me to the vet on Mother’s Day!!!

Oh…she’s really nice and bribes me with cookies??? I take it back. This is AWESOME!

Beach time with my mom and daughter!

What tantrum? Happy as a clam with her Nana Jean who is the BEST at turning frowns upside down!

Mr. Bigglesworth at Nana’s house enjoying the wrapping paper

My godmom’s Edible Arrangement given to her by one of her boys!

  • eldeen - Great post, and for the record you’re doing a great job, you and Bryan are wonderful parents and I am very proud. Thanks for sharing your day, I will remember the tantrum,(we’ll look back and laugh one day) but not as much as I’ll remember the beach and exploring it with you and Ella. I enjoyed my time with family, and the fun we had with Cat Facts – way more laughs than tears. Your pictures captured the important moments of the day and that’s what I thnk about when I’m thinking of Mother’s Day 2012. Love you. Mum xoReplyCancel

  • Michelle Ng - Happy Mommy day!!!!ReplyCancel

There are still a couple of spaces left for my Mother’s Day Mini Sessions and a few days left to get one for the special moms in your life (or grandmothers). I have been reminded by one mom to not let the adult children forget that they often have the least photos with mom as they grow older so don’t think it wouldn’t make a good gift for your mom just because you’re growing older yourselves!

Can’t wait to see all of you on May 20th!

What’s included in the 2012 Mother’s Day Mini Sessions:
-30 minute session in my home studio
-photography of mom and 1 baby or child*
-5 high resolution digital negatives

*Not so fine print: Sessions are limited to babies or children over 3 months and pets only due to time restrictions. Mini session fees are due in full within 5 days of booking to reserve your space. These sessions are non-refundable, but sessions may be rescheduled on account of sickness or other extenuating circumstances at the photographer’s discretion. This deal may not be combined with any other discounts or coupons. $25/additional child will be charged (to account for additional images which will be included on your DVD, as well as for additional time.)


I’m a bit behind on blogging this session, but my cousin came in for her newborns photos a few weeks ago and I had such a great time photographing my very own baby cousin! She has 3 older siblings who didn’t come in because they weren’t feeling so well that day, but man this little girly is going to grow up in a busy, loving and happy home. I cannot tell you what a wonderful mother my cousin is. Her patience and maternal instincts are just incredible and every time I see her with her babies and her growing family I stand in awe of all the things she can get done in a given day. This year when my husband came down with pneumonia and I was feeling overwhelmed with everything I had run out to grab him some medications and came home to dinner on my doorstep along with homemade cookies from her. I remember crying because I was so relieved and thankful to have such a thoughtful cousin who would come all this way with 3 kids, while pregnant to help ME with something! That night my husband and I were both thankful to have a GOOD and healthy meal to eat without having to do anything! I was so happy to be able to take some photos when this little sweetie decided to make her appearance. I know my cousin felt she wasn’t “photo ready” that day and she just sees all the “imperfections” in the photo I took of her and her daughter, but I feel this is something we all need to see as I’m sure none of you will see any of these things, but one day her daughter will be glad to have a photo of just her and her mommy I am sure. I know I am guilty of not getting into enough photos with my own daughter, but once I saw an amazing photographer, David Williams speak and he spoke of the importance of being in photos for your children. So many families are missing true family photos which are so important and mostly a lot of moms are rarely in photos because they are so often taking the photos. Seriously folks. Whether you get photos professionally done with your children or just get your husband/friend/mom/child/neighbour etc. to snap an iPhone photo, please get into photos with them often, whether you feel you look your best or not. You always look perfect to your children and those photos will be one of the greatest gifts they ever receive later on in life. Thank you to my beautiful cousin for letting me take a quick shot of the two of you and I hope you grow to love it as much as I do and your little lady will! xo

  • Bandele Zuberi - You nailed it again Ashleigh! Lovely work!ReplyCancel

All of my Watch Me Grow Collection babies have been coming in at the same time recently. This sweet darling came in a bit late for her 6 month session because it took her a while to be able to sit up on her own. She was finally confident with her skills a few weeks ago and came to see me at my studio! I have found in watching these babies grow and change that the ones who are a little slower to sit often have a very short time before they start to walk and some of them even skip crawling entirely so look out mom and dad, she’s going to be on the move before you know it I bet! I can’t wait to see her at our next appointment to see if my guess is right! See you again soon!

We met when she was still all cozy in her mama’s tummy

And a few weeks later we got to meet this gorgeous girl with her chubby cheeks!

And here she is now!

  • Bandele Zuberi - You’re becoming the baby master Ashleigh!ReplyCancel

  • Diem Nguyen - I love this kind of collection! Before my professional ways, I also thought about getting into maternity/baby photography bc of this type of collection. Keep it up Ashleigh! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Tauran - Very cute!ReplyCancel