My youngest nephew was born on my youngest daughter’s birthday!   He is just the sweetest, calmest little guy!  He made his grand appearance on Superbowl Sunday which was extra funny since my brother is a huge Patriots fan!  At least he waited until the game was over, but I don’t think that was how his dad planned to watch the game haha!  He came in for his newborn photography session a few days later at my home studio.  He was such a perfect little model and I got all the aunty snuggles that day!  Welcome to the world little guy xo

Newborn Baby Boy PhotographyNewborn Baby Boy PhotographyNewborn Baby Boy PhotographyNewborn Baby Boy PhotographyNewborn Baby Boy Photography


I can’t believe how fast this little girly is growing up!  We had the best time at her cake smash photography session!  Can you believe her mom made that cake herself?!?  I was just so impressed.  We had a quick session with her kitty cats afterwards which I will be sharing on our pets blog soon.  If you haven’t seen our pet photography brand yet, you can check that out at:


Cake Smash Photography Session Cute Baby GirlCake Smash Photography Session Cute Baby GirlCake Smash Photography Session Cute Baby GirlCake Smash Photography Session Cute Baby GirlCake Smash Photography Session Cute Baby GirlCake Smash Photography Session Cute Baby Girl


It’s once again been WAY too long since I’ve updated my blog but since it was one of my New Year’s Resolutions to post here more, I decided the end of February may be a good time to get going on it haha!  Life with two kids is keeping me busy!!  I also haven’t announced here yet, but I am thrilled to announce I have a book deal with Amherst Media so I have been busy busy working away on my book.  It will be for photographers to learn how to photograph dogs successfully.

These two sweethearts were ready for their session when I got back from Imaging USA and I couldn’t wait to get back in the studio and photograph them!  They were both perfect angels for their session with me and I had the best time chatting with their mom and dad and big brother.  Twins can be a handful, but as someone who grew up in a house with twin boys I can say that it truly is double the joy as well as double the trouble!  Thank you for coming to see me and trusting me as your photographer to capture your precious little girlies!


Twin Newborn Photography


Spring break is coming and with it…BORED kiddos! With all this amazing weather we have been having I wasn’t even thinking about what we would do if it rained! Then as I was making our plans, I remembered one of the best memories I have with Ella came from a really rainy spring day. We were home and she was sad she couldn’t go outside to play because it was just POURING. I was going stir crazy too that day so we put on our best rain gear and went on a “puddle hunt” together. I packed up my camera (thank goodness for Nikon weather-sealing their professional cameras and lenses!) and we just drove around looking for the best puddles we could find, taking lots of photos of her splashing about in them getting soaked.

During this upcoming spring break, it’s almost inevitable that the kids are going to drive you crazy and I’m sure we’ll have a rainy day or two in the mix. PLEASE don’t pass up a good puddle hunt opportunity! We still talk about that trip to this day and Ella is always asking to see the photos we took. Grab your rain gear, a few spare towels and a dry change of clothes for getting back in the car afterwards and maybe some spare change for a hot chocolate on the way home. Get outside and let the kids get MESSY!

“Life is meant to be lived, and if you’re offered the chance to experience things with an extraordinary person, then there isn’t one reason in the world to say no.” ~ Amber L. Johnson, Puddle Jumping

web puddle2

Web puddle1

web puddle3



I wanted to share a list of the top 10 tips and products that helped us make it through Lennon’s first year! I’m not paid by nor have I been asked by any of these companies to share, but I do hope that they will help lots of you survive the early years with your little ones too!

1. Drying Rack. First on our list is this drying rack by Boon. We have the Grass version, but I would highly recommend the larger Lawn version. There is NOTHING better out there for drying all the bottles and pump accessories you will be washing every day. Anything else leaves condensation in the bottles and you end up with a stinky mildew smell to them. YUCK!

Boon Grass

2. Poop explosion tip. This tip is incredible and unfortunately discovered too late for us, but could perhaps help some of you mamas and mamas to be. Did you know why there are envelope folds on a baby’s onesie? Click here to find out!


3. Bottles. With Lennon I was exclusively breastfeeding although most of the time it was via pumping exclusively. When we were ready to transition her to formula we realized the Medela bottles wouldn’t take formula. I then discovered these Life Factory bottles which are reasonably priced compared to the Medela ones and will go through so many life stages with her! They go from bottle, to sippy cup to plain water bottle just by changing the top out! Ella loves the larger one for water in her school bag and I love that they go in the dishwasher too with no damage!

Lifefactory Bottles

4. Nursing Pillow. At first we had a few challenges with nursing Lennon as she was so long and I’m not very large. We ended up both being really frustrated until we got our nursing pillow from Westcoast Baby. Is it expensive? Sure. Is it cheaper than formula? HECK YEAH! I LOVE this pillow and so do the new mamas who use it in the studio. It has the perfect height and “squish factor”.

Nursing Pillow

5. Gates. When it’s time for baby gates, these ones from Retract-A-Gate cannot be beat! We had just moved and didn’t want to damage the posts in our new railings by drilling gates into them. Also, with two large dogs we had lost a few gates to bulldog roughhousing in the past. I opted for these and am SO in love with them. We get compliments on our baby gates…who can say that!?! I also love that you can mount them in one spot and add a second set of hooks so they can close off two different areas depending on what you want at the time. They also can be left open after the kids are in bed so unlike other gates you won’t always be fighting with them even when your kids aren’t around. These things are just AMAZING!


6. Diapers. Yes, I know many of you will brush this off and think I am crazy but I LOVE the Bum Genius cloth diapers. We used them off and on admittedly due to our move and lacking a diaper sprayer but these Bum Genius really are the BEST. When we are in it and using them consistently I really do find them easier than disposables. We never “run out”, they never seem to have those poop explosions we get with disposables and no diaper rashes! At the newborn stage, you just toss them in the washer with an extra rinse cycle and a free and clear soap, then lay on drying rack to dry. When poop is more substantial you will need the sprayer they sell to rinse before washing but the savings are ASTRONOMICAL! Check out this blog about the savings!. We saved at LEAST $1500 and that’s not accounting for the fact that in my experience, cloth diapered babies feel when they are wet better and potty train faster. Ella was 100% potty trained by 2. The average now is 3-4 so just that extra year or two saved us enormous amounts in diapers! I highly recommend getting them at New & Green Co. because you can buy bundles there like THIS one we purchased. We got 12 to start and bought another 6 pack after we knew we were committed. The other good news? We resold some we had from Ella that were an old style which required stuffing and got a really good resale value on these too! They also have a newborn size rental program if you want to use them for the newborn stage.

Bum Genius1

7. Nursing Tank Top. The Glamour Mom Tanks These tank tops were my uniform for the first several months after Lennon was born. As any seasoned or new mom knows, there is a lot of growing and shrinking going on as you settle into breastfeeding. Glamour Mom tank tops account for that and allow for discrete nursing anywhere. They are comfortable and look good when paired with a nice sweater and jeans too! I grabbed 3 to start and then added some as I settled back to my regular size after the first few months. (Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of this and it has since moved on to a friend who had a baby, but there are lots of photos on their website)

8. Child locks. We had these with Ella at our old house and are just getting ready to install them again. The Tot Lok system is the BEST! Installing them is a pain, but once they are in you will have the easiest baby lock system around. I love that there is also a switch to turn these off so once the kids are asleep I can clean my kitchen without having to wrestle each cabinet open all the time.

Baby Locks

9. Baby Carrier. There was a lot of research done into baby wearing since I had Ella and I am so glad for it. We ended up finding Tula Baby Carriers and they are AMAZING! They hold the baby in a correct position that is safe for their hips, are made of great, sturdy material with FANTASTIC designs, and they maintain resale value for when you are finished with them! I actually have two of these (one for the home and one for the car). If she won’t nap I will often wear her on by back in this while I work around the house and she can sleep that way. When we are out I rarely even take a stroller because I like being free to use a shopping cart or use both hands just by wearing her in this.


10. Diaper Bag. This took me a LONG time. I went through several bags with Ella and a couple more with Lennon until I bit the bullet and bought one of these Petunia Picklebottom bags. This bag is everything. HAHA! They have other designs which look equally great too. I will likely use this one as a purse for day to day as well once my little one is out of diapers. I thought they were way too pricey when I had Ella but I can tell you now it would have saved me a LOT of money to just start with this instead of fight it and keep buying different bags that didn’t work.

Petunia Pickle Bottom