I did my “9 month birthday” photoshoot with my little girl today! She’s getting harder and harder to work with since she’s very much into moving these days, but luckily with my husband here to lend a hand we got a few decent shots. We even got one of her in her indian outfit she wore to my friend’s wedding that I was in over the weekend!



We had another important “birthday” recently too. My gorgeous friend who’s maternity I posted a little while ago had her baby boy on June 27th at 12:06am and I was there to take photos of his birth. Unfortunately he was as stubborn as his mommy and they had to bring in the forceps to get him out so I was only able to be there afterwards. I was so happy to be there and meet him. CONGRATS mom and dad! Stay tuned for his newborn photos coming soon!





  • Ewa - Your little girl is soooooo cute! I just adore the outfit she’s wearing in the first photo. And your friend’s baby is just adorable! Great shots.ReplyCancel

  • Eldeen Milobar - Beautiful photo, beautiful grandbaby if I do say so myself. Good work on both counts Ash – I am so proud of you and your family – Love you lots :0)ReplyCancel

This little girl was on the move…in more ways than one! I got together with a family who will be moving this week and wanted some photos of their sweet baby girl’s first house. We had better luck outdoors since this little lady was on the go today, but managed to get a couple of family photos inside. Some days are harder than others when you’re 17 months old and teething so we might have to get together again on a happier day if we can coordinate it! Luckily this sweetie has her puppy dog “Mimi” to keep her company on the tough days and she is so proud that she knows how to hold the leash all by herself. Thanks guys for having me over. You’re little girl is a real sweetheart and I hope she’s feeling better quickly!





  • oneshotbeyond - great looking family session! Gotta love that they included their little pooch!ReplyCancel

  • Ewa - What a gorgeous family! I love the last one :-) She’s so proud to be such a big girl, lol.ReplyCancel

I had the pleasure of photographing my beautiful niece today. She’s 5 months old and I can’t believe how big she’s getting! She doesn’t live close so there are so many changes in her when we do get to see her. I am so glad we got a few good shots even though they can be a challenge at this age when they can’t quite sit up yet. She’s happy as a clam when she’s swaddled or on the move and other than that she likes to make us work for it haha! Thanks for coming by ladies!




  • Kimberly Marie - The first one is precious! Lovely shots. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Awesome pics Ashleigh. She is a tough subject but you always get great shots! Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures of my baby :)ReplyCancel

  • Ewa - These are great, Ashleigh!ReplyCancel

Tonight’s session is particularly dear to my heart. I grew up with my godparents and their 3 boys living downstairs from me and my mom. Since my mom worked, I was often downstairs playing with “the boys”. I consider them to be my brothers and I am so proud of all of them! That said…having known them since birth…I have seen the way they approach taking photos!!! Therefore, I decided I was going to give my godmom a GOOD family portrait for her birthday this year of her with her three men. I also did some “couples” shots of one of “the boys” and his high school sweetheart. There will be more couple sessions to follow as a certain couple showed up late and another member was missing! We had to reschedule about 10 times already so decided to get what we could today and do reshoots for anyone who missed out later. While MANY of my shots came out like this:

I got a few like that were nicer for my dearest godmommy!!!




Thanks guys for cooperating for at least a few photos! I love you all and had so much fun tonight and happy BELATED birthday to my G-Ma! xoxo

  • Jeannie - Oh my God Ash! Once again….you have the gift. These pics are incredible…even with those subjects! Thanks so much I love them. Even the goofy ones. You had a difficult crew to work with and even though you grew up with this crew and can boss them like no other (although Chant is a close second in the bossing department) they still remain a challenge. You do great work. Love ya, Godmommy xoxoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I totally love these pics! What a great job!ReplyCancel

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here. Sorry I’ve kept you all waiting but several of my recent sessions have been top secret until they’re given as gifts! I’ll do a little “reveal” update of some of those sessions once they’ve been given out as gifts *shhhhhh*. Today was Mini Session Day at Ashleigh Wells Photography. Unfortunately there were a couple of babies who needed to reschedule so I ended up with only one little guy for the day, but boy was he ever a CUTIE! He just turned 7 months and his mom said someone just told her how they loved his “twist on wrists” because of his little baby chub! He was sure one happy little man as well laughing and smiling, although he definitely made us work for it.



Do babies come cuter than this??? hahaha! This shot made me laugh out loud!