This sweet little muffin is the newest addition to a friend of mine’s family. His parents “adopted” him recently and as soon as I saw their photos of him I knew I had to photograph his sweet little face! We met up a few weeks ago for some fun with him and they were up for anything! It was so great to get outside in what was some of the last of the non-rainy fall days we have had and do what I love to do so much with good friends. We had a great walk in Port Moody and took some shots in a field in Port Coquitlam. Couldn’t ask for a better day! Thanks for lending me your perfect little model guys!

He was so proud of the giant stick he found I had to oblige when he asked nicely for a photo with it haha!

  • Inge Skliros - What an absolutely adorable little Vizsla! How did you get him to hold still????? I’ve owned Vizslas since 1976 and although I am a professional photographer (now retired), they never behaved this well for me! Tell the little darling, Hunter and Grissom – my two Vizslas- say ‘Hi!’ (Woof! Woof!) and that he should continue to be a good boy for his humans. :-)))ReplyCancel

    • admin - He was just that good! I generally have the parents do most of the work. All I need them to be able to do is sit and stay (and even then some of them don’t have that, but they will do it). I then get them in position and give them a quick “wanna go for a walk?” or “where’s your cookies?” and get my shot and move on. I also spent most of my life working with animals so I work a lot on body language and they seem to respect me….now to work on that with my husband HAHA!ReplyCancel

  • Port Coquitlam Painters - What a gorgeous puppy! the color in these photos are stunning! great shoot!ReplyCancel

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