I’m not sure how on earth I manage to get the most beautiful families here at my studio all the time, but when this family walked through the door I could not wait to get started on our session. This is their first child and it was so sweet to watch as they navigated unfamiliar territory with their new baby with such ease and calmness! This little girl certainly knew what she liked and what she didn’t and her parents were happy to do whatever it took to keep her happy. This lucky little sweetheart has a lot of love around her, that’s for sure! I just met with her and her mom today actually to give them their prints and I got a peek at her…yep, it’s official. She’s still a beauty! I hope to see you all again soon.

Photographers, as a note of safety, please know that this is a composite. This pose should never be attempted unless you have been shown how to execute it safely by a professional. Baby’s safety always comes first

By the end of the session with all the fussing we had to do with her, she was pretty much done I think HAHAHA! That’s alright kiddo, we were about to let you go anyhow haha!

  • Jenn Co-McMillen - I love these photos, Ash – but the last one is especially priceless! Sean and I will be coming for a visit to your studio when our little one comes!ReplyCancel

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