The blog always seems to get left behind when things get crazy busy over here so I’m back on “catch up” status to get all of you up to date. I do post wall images on my facebook business page so if you’re on facebook please feel free to click on the pink facebook square at the top right there and “like” my page to see more regular updates and notes to all of you that may come up from time to time as well as the occasional special or deal…the next one is coming up when I reach 500 “likes” and we’re getting closer!

This sweet little boy was in my studio a few weeks ago now and I was so happy to meet him since I had photographed his mama while he was still on the inside haha! He was every bit as beautiful as I anticipated and he was such a joy to work with. He gave me the sweetest baby smiles ever and it was so wonderful to spend the morning snuggling with him and all his fuzzy hair…I anticipate a mohawk in his future haha! Thanks so much for coming in guys and I’ll see you around since we live so close to each other!

He was so alert for a newborn, but also so calm at the same time. I could not believe it when I got this shot of him!


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