PRODUCT FEATURE ~ Audible Audiobooks

A lot of you have been messaging that you enjoy the helpful tips and tricks I have been sharing over on our Facebook page lately so I thought I’d feature a different product here too monthly.  I’m only going to share the things I use and love or that make my life easier and promise not to overwhelm with ads for these things.  I just realized there are tons of things I use as a mom who also works from  home that might be helpful to many of you as well!

To start this off I wanted to share my favourite favourite app!  I spend a lot of time behind the computer editing images from your beautiful photography sessions and I was really missing the reading I used to do all the time.  A friend recommended I check out Audible for audiobooks while I edit and I have been using it for nearly 2 years now.  I get through SO many more books!  I still LOVE to curl up with a physical book every so often but this just let’s me learn more than I would ever be able to if I was relying only on that minimal reading time.  I pop these on in the car, while cooking or cleaning, at the park with the kids, on walks, while I edit, before bed (there’s an awesome sleep timer so you set it for 8 minutes…or however long you need and bam! You don’t miss too much after you fall asleep and return to it!).  It also syncs across devices so I can listen on my iPad, iPhone or Computer and it will pick up where I left off.  (It also works with Android, but I just happen to be a Mac girl.)

If you have missed all the reading you used to do before kids check it out!  There is a free 30 day trial too with 2 free books to start you off!


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