PUPPY DOG TALES!-Personal post

I have been so busy the past week with editing and computer problems it isn’t even funny, BUT there is something else that has been keeping me and my family on our toes and that is our newest addition who came into our lives a week ago!

We have been thinking of getting another dog for about a year now and looking at all of our options. We had really wanted to rescue a dog because we feel it’s the best thing to do. However, we also wanted to raise a dog from a puppy so that our current furbaby, Roxie, would be able to teach the new dog what was passed on to her by our late Beagle, Dixie. We were torn and we couldn’t make a decision at all about which way to go.

A couple of weeks ago we stopped in to the SPCA just to see if any of the dogs felt right for us. We visited a couple of locations and found a dog who felt like she was a good fit. So we walked her every day that week until that Sunday when it was time for our family assessment where we were to bring Roxie to meet her as well. She had done so well with our daughter and us that we thought it was a done deal…unfortunately she lunged for Roxie as soon as they were within reach of each other and it didn’t work out. When we saw how that happened and thought about the future possibility of our daughter accidentally getting in the way of a scuffle with our dog and a rescue dog, we decided that for now in our lives, a puppy would probably be the best option.

A friend of ours knew a couple who had some English Bulldog puppies so we called and arranged to meet them. When we got Roxie we had actually originally wanted to get an English Bulldog, but because none were available from reputable breeders at the time we found American Bulldog puppies and ended up falling in love with that breed as well! The idea that we might finally be getting a dog of our “dream breed” was so exciting! As we drove out to Langley, Bryan turned to me and said “This is SUCH a classic Ashleigh and Bryan move on our part! We’re not going to be able to leave there without a puppy! You know that.” Of course, he was right and we brought Penny Lane Wells (Penelope when she’s naughty) home with us right then and there. Of course because we had convinced ourselves we wouldn’t do this, we had NO puppy supplies ready yet and had to stop on the way home to get her some good food, a bed, a crate, collar, leash etc. So far she has been a wonderful addition to our lives! Our older dog, Roxie has taken to mothering her (and will even try to nurse her if we aren’t watching haha!). Penny is learning how to be a “good dog” from her big sister and is almost house trained already! I am so happy for Roxie that they get along because her happiness comes first in our home. I really think finding Penny was fate for us because if we hadn’t found the right fit soon, Roxie would have been too old for a puppy. English Bulldog puppies are great with an older dog in the home because they are known to be quite lazy (I can attest to THAT!) so that seems to keep her from being less of a burden on our first born furbaby too!

Enjoy the puppy picture overload below!

Welcome home Penny!

Nice to meet you Roxie!

Sleepy girl!

Curly-Q tail

First bath!

My favourite treat from Dig It Delights! (organic cow tendon)

My professional modeling career begins…

  • Gurm - So cute…love the pics!ReplyCancel

  • Trina - I’m in love!!! She is seriously adorable!! You should teach her how to skateboard, apparently English Bulldogs are good at it!ReplyCancel

  • Lyndsey - Penny has such a sweet face. I WANT!!!!! I love the videos you post of her. She seems to have a great personality.ReplyCancel

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