I got along with this little guy VERY well! His mom had a bit of a rough time after this little trouble maker made his entrance so we had to postpone and I didn’t expect him to be very sleepy since he was 2 weeks old already. I was pleasantly surprised though and he only really woke up to feed. I probably could have played around taking photos of him all day, but I’m pretty sure his mom and dad were going to have to go home at some point haha! I usually find that calm parents=calm babies and these two had the whole parenting thing down to a science already. He is very lucky to have them and I am very lucky to have met the whole family. Thanks guys!

Disclaimer: For any new photographers out there, please do not attempt any shots like this unless you are properly trained to do so. This baby is about 6″ over a large beanbag and his parents were instructed to put him down if he moved AT. ALL. This is not something that should be done without extreme care even if you have cushioning under the baby. Safety first!


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