Something in the water-TWIN MADNESS!

I have no idea what is in the water around here, but it was twin weekend last weekend! I had a twin newborn session on Friday, a twin 1 year old cake smash on Saturday. Sunday I spent recovering some energy and catching up on some emails and then yesterday one of my very best friends sent me a text message that looked like this:

Now, a little background about my friend. Recently her husband was in a very bad car accident and was injured pretty severely. They are two of the most thoughtful and kind people I know. When he was hurt many of their friends and family came together to help them in ways we could. Our family decided to bring over some meals we had prepared and being the nosy parker I am I noticed some supplements that gave away the fact that she had been thinking she might be expecting at that time. Of course I’m impatient and insisted on pregnancy test after pregnancy test and my husband and I insisted there was a faint positive on the pee sticks (we are very close hahaha!). After that she kept saying how “different” this pregnancy felt to her son’s, but we assumed it was a girl this time or something….OBVIOUSLY as of yesterday we realized this DEFINITELY different! As soon as I got the text I called her up and we chatted on and off all day about how she was going to do with all of this and she showed nothing other than pure joy at the excitement of having twins.

If it were me I know I would be in complete panic mode, but this wonderful mom was seriously born to be a mom. As soon as her and her husband had their son I saw a huge change in both of them! They were immediately working as a team together, doing kind and loving things for each other and their son all the time and have been completely dedicated to parenting ever since. Not only are they great parents, but they are literally two of the most giving people you will ever meet. Shortly after her husband’s accident I was working on redoing the floors in my home studio (still have a little more to do) and even though they were facing some pretty scary things with him being so hurt, he stopped in to give me some advice and help me keep the project on the right track. With twins on the horizon I am so excited to be able to pay it forward to them and help them in ways that we can to give back for all they have given us over the years.

As we were talking, my friend and I came up with a photo idea (see photo below) for her to use to announce the news on facebook and shared it through my facebook page yesterday. I had such a great time doing that yesterday and I can’t wait for all the future exciting moments that are to come with the new additions arriving in a few months!

Thank you guys for being such friends and now it’s time for you to sit back and let your huge group of friends and family help you guys where we can. You have given so much to all of us, now you have to allow us all to be at your disposal and do what we can (and WANT to) to help you out too. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Diem - THIS IS pretty sweet for the both of you . Sometimes its hard to find friendships that lasts the way they do in this situation. And when we do have em, sometimes we forget to appreciate like you guys are. Great post Ashleigh!ReplyCancel

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