The Hills Are Alive…

What an eventful photoshoot I had on Saturday night with this talented musician, Saulo Davis! Saulo and I have been close friends since we were in Grade 8 and yet somehow this is my first time doing an official photoshoot with him. We had so much fun though we will have to make it a more regular thing I think haha! We were looking to try out a new location, but when we arrived and realized we were going to have to cross a swamp full of beavers and other critters and then risk the bears out in the open we decided to head back to the original spot I had in mind which was much safer, although it still didn’t prove to be quite as foolproof as we had hoped. When you’re walking along a path with mountain views like this one had with a musician especially it is sure to encite the need in him to throw his hands out and belt “The HILLS are ALIVE with the sound of MUSIC!!!!”, but what we were not anticipating was the upcoming hole that he promptly fell right into after singing to the hills. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time so of course I took a snap of Saulo by the hole that tripped him up. There may or may not have been another incident involving me falling into a hole not long after that happened, but we won’t get into that haha!

In any case, despite all of our obstacles we managed to get some great shots for Saulo to use for the new CD he has coming out soon! Thanks for hanging out with me on Saturday Saulo, I had a blast!

Here is Saulo beside the hole that tripped up his best impression of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music…
001 copy web

002 web

003 web

couldn’t resist trying out a softer, more vintage style edit on this one…
004 (2) web


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