I’m just about to go to bed at midnight (early for me considering how late I have been up this past week)! It is very rare that I have a weekend where no sessions are scheduled. I noticed that that last weekend was free a little while ago and decided to block it off to install some new flooring in my studio which I have been aching to do for 2 YEARS! My husband and I gathered everything we would need, or so we thought, and we began our renovation. Little did we know that our little project was not so little at all as there are a number of corners, doors and a pillar throughout the studio and basement area. I did the office area first. My husband was working so I had to ask a couple of friends for advice on how to do certain parts. One of my friends (who also happens to be a contractor and who normally does these things for us) was recently in a very bad car accident and has serious injuries, but was still kind enough to come by and advise me on what to do for this project! A true “you know you have good friends when…” moment for me. Another friend who is very busy, came by to show me how to use a power saw I had purchased for the job. Once the office was done I was going to stop as I had a session booked for Monday and I didn’t want to have my studio a mess for that. As it turns out, the mom-to-be needed to adjust the date anyhow so we carried on. Much to our dismay the studio portion of the basement was MUCH more challenging and we are still working on it with a LOT more to go! We *should* get it done this week, but holy smokes has this ever been a big project that I did not expect! I am catching up on things I got behind on when I had to have my work computer disconnected for the renovation tomorrow and for the rest of the week as well as working on the floors as much as I can as I just cannot WAIT to be done with this and show you all the final before and after photos!

Thank you all for your patience with me while we are going through this construction phase! I will do my best to reply to any emails and other action items as soon as possible (tomorrow is my goal) and please feel free to call me if there is anything you need that requires more immediate attention.

Please excuse the iphone photo (I can’t access my work camera at the moment haha!)


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